Center Rental Information

Two rental times are available: 9 am–6 pm or 6 pm–1 am.

The cost to rent the center is as follows:

  • $200 security deposit—deposited into the bank. This will be refunded to you approximately thirty days after your event, less any charges (should there be any).
  • $25 per hour rental fee for parties before 6 pm without alcohol, band, DJ or teen party
  • $55 per hour rental and security guard fee, which is required for all events after 6pm and/or those with alcohol, DJ, band, teen party, or at management’s discretion*

*Please note: there is a four-hour minimum for a security guard, who must remain on the premises until the clean-up has been completed.

Here are the rental requirements:

  • You must be a Hampshire resident in good standing (assessment paid and no outstanding balance on your account) and no violations.
  • A contract must be completed. The Hampshire resident requesting the rental must be the one to complete the contract and pay for the function. The contract signer must be at the function for the duration.
  • Chaperones are required for 21 and under events. There must be one chaperone per 8 guests. A chaperone list must be provided to the HNA Office prior to the event. Chaperones must be in attendance for the entire event. A maximum of 50 guests are allowed for these events.
  • Complete the contract within three business days of the rental request. A $200 deposit is due at the time the contract is signed.
  • All remaining fees must be paid three weeks prior to the event.
Playground at Hampshire