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  • chevron_rightDo I have to put in an application to do [blank]?
    An exterior alteration application would need to be completed if you wish to alter the appearance of your home.  That applies to any/all updates that would change the current esthetic.  Example: If you wish to give your front door a new coat of paint, no application is needed if you are using the same color found on the door already.  With that example no change would be made to current esthetic; it would look the same.  If however you wished to change that color, you are now requesting to alter the exterior appearance and must file an exterior alteration application before starting.  You can access the form by clicking this link.
  • chevron_rightWhat can be done about owners not picking up after their pets?
    We ask that in the event your pet defecates, please immediately dispose in the nearest waste station.  It is unlawful to leave pet waste under Charles County Law.  See Charles County Animal Regulations § 230-12.2 and § 230-12.3.  
    With proper evidence, action could be taken through financial penalty.  For your convenience, you may find the Charles County Animal Regulations in the document library, under Governing Documents.  These are the regulations that Charles County residents have been held to since September 1, 1991. 
  • chevron_rightWhat if I notice someone not using a leash for their pet?
    Leash laws are a county wide mandate.  It supersedes the Home Owner Association.  If you notice negligence on behalf of a pet owner please report to Animal Control, at 301-609-3425.  
    If you record the act, you have a better stance from which to take action.  Do not endanger yourself, however there is a better chance for resolution/penalty if evidence is provided to animal control.   

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